The Kingdom of Images

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is even more true today.

We live in the era of images, where everything we do, experience, see, taste, drink, feel, visit, build, destroy, bomb is translated into the billions of images that fill the social media venues (especially Facebook). Everyone can become famous with one image, anyone can be a well-known photographer.

All it takes is being in the right place, at the right time … and a device that takes pictures. Sometimes, if you are in the middle of an ongoing event it’s a lot easier to snap a picture and share it online to convey the circumstances and the experience you’re having, rather than describing it in words. That’s one of the reasons sites like Boston Big Picture are such a hit.

Here’s a great infographic (via MDG Advertising) that shows the different ways that using images can benefit websites in boosting their traffic and relevance:

It's All About The Images

© @MDGadvertising

Are you easier to read, access, visit or checkout an article, product or story if you see an image thumb?

Are images important to you in a news story, product description or blog article? Let me know in the comments below:



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