The value of teamwork

The Value of Teamwork in iQuest

As we’ve sunken ourselves in the daily routine we’ve forgotten what teamwork is, what it means to have a chat with our colleagues, play some ping pong, chess or even read a book in the break room.

We don’t even realize how much finding peace of mind helps or how many problems we can solve by exchanging ideas, helping one another or even simply playing … and so we open up new horizons for thinking and developing abilities without even realizing it. This helps us find solutions to problems that may appear.

iQuest has given me the chance this weekend to participate in Startup Weekend Cluj.

I‘ve met wonderful people at this event with the help of whom I’ve made a unique project about the connection people share through a simple trip.

We’ve gotten the chance to speak with mentors that guided us to completing this project and we have had the possibility of finding out new and interesting things as well as deepening our knowledge.

The knowledge and abilities gained by working at iQuest have also helped me work on this project along with the team I was part of.

I’ve remembered that work doesn’t mean only routine but can be transformed into a motivating and inspirational startup.

Thank you iQuest for this opportunity that you’ve given me.

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