Tips for a Longer Battery Life when Travelling

Maximize Your Battery Life

Anywhere we go today we have various gadgets with us: smartphones, laptops, tablets etc keeping us connected to business and to the people we work with. But the devices we use do not only serve business purposes, they also make great navigation, research, and photo tools once you’ve reached your destination.

It is very easy while in the office, to keep their batteries charged and ready to go. But it becomes a constant battle once you step outside, but there are a few things you can do to extend battery life and save power.

Since we rely so much on electronics anywhere in the city, it becomes a serious problem for travellers to optimize the use of any power-consuming device when they are on the road. The journeys we make anywhere on Earth, be it the seaside or in the mountains, require us to keep the devices fully powered.

Inspired by this article on, I’ve gathered some tips to prevent your electronics from ever failing you.

Start taking care of your devices from day one. When you unwrap a brand new gadget, read the instruction manual or ask a customer service representative for battery extension tips before turning the device on for the first time. Most manufacturers advise you to charge the battery completely before the first use. Also consider the manufacturer’s advice for long-term care. However, it is only natural for the maximum charge of every device to decrease with age. If you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of this tip with your older gadgets, it’s not the end of the world.

Here are some Tips for a Longer Battery Life when Travelling

  • Unplug your device: Once your device is fully charged, do not leave it plugged into the socket. Leaving your fully-charged device plugged in for hours will exhaust the active chemicals in the battery that keeps it charged.
  • Calibrate your battery: To calibrate your battery means to charge it completely and then use it while unplugged until the battery is drained completely. By doing this regularly, you can help the battery last longer from each charge as well as extend its life in general. If this is too inconvenient, at least try to wait until the battery is drained halfway before plugging it back in.
  • Stay cool: Keep your device from being exposed to heat. Heat will cause battery chemicals to be more reactive and drain faster.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi: If you’re not using it, turn it off. Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as many apps, are the main culprits when it comes to draining battery power.
  • Keep it simple: Use basic programs rather than complex ones. If the program requires less computing and memory power, it will use up less of your battery. If you can take notes on Notepad instead of Microsoft Word, do so.
  • Use alternatives: Use headphones instead of built-in speakers if you can. This will use less power and can also improve your sound quality. And your screen rarely needs to be turned on to full brightness. Use reason and dim your screen to a comfortable setting to conserve energy. And finally, always turn off your device or put it on hibernation mode. Believe it or not, it still uses up power in sleep mode.

Do you have any other tips, which will help us improve battery life?

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