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The beginning of June 2012 marks the launch of Windows 8 Release Preview. I am sure you have already heard of the new operating system Microsoft is preparing.

There will be several versions of Windows 8, for x86 processors as well as WOA and ARMs. Lots of the features which were only available on the Ultimate or Enterprise versions will be available on the base version of Windows 8.

The following versions of Windows 8 will be available:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Windows RT

The base version of Windows 8 will have all the base features we are already used to, along with some new ones. Two of the new features, which I thought were interesting, are multi language support (which was only available on the Enterprise versions and up) and a new Windows Explorer.

Windows RT is a Windows version for WOA and ARM processors. This edition comes preinstalled on the devices sporting the processors mentioned above. Devices using this OS will be extremely thin, and the battery life will be very long. This version of Windows will come with the Office suite and a mechanism used for data encryption.

The Windows 8 Pro version is aimed at the business sector. This version is similar to Windows 7 Professional and includes features such as: remote desktop, file encryption, VPN client, BitLocker etc.

Windows 8 Enterprise is the newest version of Windows 8 announced by Microsoft. It is aimed especially at the business premium segment, which looks for premium characteristics besides the base ones offered by Windows 8 Pro. The most important features offered by Microsoft 8 Enterprise are:

  • Windows To Go – allows corporate users to run the OS directly from a USB drive. This will allow them to have a complete OS on a USB drive and run it on any PC. This feature can be controlled on a corporate level by the IT department
  • AppLocker – allows the IT department to control what files and applications can be accessed and used by each user
  • DirectAccess – allows access to corporate resources without using a VPN
  • Metro Style corporate applications – Metro applications will be installed on a corporate level without going through Windows Store
  • BrachCache – it is a caching mechanism which allows users to store any type of  content in order to avoid the multiple download of the same content every time it needs to be accessed.

The VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) mechanism has been improved. The experience users will have when remotely accessing Windows 8 Enterprise will be vastly improved. It will also be accessible from tablets running Windows 8 RT.

Compared to Windows 7, there are more versions of Windows 8, but they are better defined for each type of user.

Windows 8 Enterprise is an extremely attractive option on a corporate level, especially because of features such as Windows To Go and AppLocker.

I think the new OS prepared by Microsoft to be launched this autumn will be a success. It must be mentioned that the new features brought by Windows 8 are welcomed with open arms by everyone. We should however not forget that Windows 8 is not only aimed at the classical PC but also at tablets, where the rules are completely different.

I think this is a positive change and you should not be afraid to use Windows 8. If you have any questions regarding Windows 8 you can use the comment section below.

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