WOWZAPP 2012 Experience

WOWZAPP 2012 Experience

The  2012 edition of the WOWZAPP Hackathon took place between 9 – 11 November.  It was basically a 48-hour marathon of Windows 8 App development. Over 15,000 people were connected to Visual Studio 2012 and developed many great applications for the new Windows 8 operating system.

I participated in the event with 3 other colleagues and we developed an application that could help you find a location when you don’t have an internet connection. We didn’t manage to finish it, because we tried to apply a 100% MVVM pattern. Our main focus was code quality, not finishing in 48h. The team name was DOTNET Vampires and team members were: Costin Morariu, Iulia Gorcea, Alexandra Vunvulea and me.

This was a great event and we had a lot of fun. There were close to 40 teams in Bucharest. I was not only a participant in this event, I was also part of the Windows 8 SWAT team. We offered technical support for all teams. I think that almost all projects had at least 3 lines of code written by me. It was a lot of fun to switch between C#/XAML to JavaScript/HTML5 in 5 seconds. We tried to help all teams present at the Hackathon event.

In the second day of this event I held a session presenting the Windows 8 development process and the problems encountered during the development of Trip Journal for Windows 8. It was a lot of fun because the session started around 10:00PM, and a lot of guys were coming off a sleepless night.

On the last day of the event I was part of the jury which chose the winning application. I saw a lot of great applications and it was a really hard thing to do. I was very happy to see that one of my work colleagues was on the podium and won a Windows 8 tablet.

Good job Timotei Dolean! You made a great application for Romanian roads. I can’t wait to see it in the store. The current version of the application is in top 7 applications on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

In conclusion we had a lot of fun and we tried to share our knowledge with everyone. You can see lots of photos on the WOWZAPP Album on the Microsoft Romania Facebook page.

See you next year!

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